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Lake Powell
View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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One of the most exciting ways of living you can have is in a houseboat. You can travel to bays, rivers, lakes, or oceans and still have all the comforts you would in a regular house.

If you are looking to buy a houseboat or even build your own, there are a number of houseboat design options you can choose from. Houseboats come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone out there.

The houseboat market is huge and offers everything from first-class to standard. Choosing what you want all depends on if you want to live in your houseboat permanently and your budget. If you are looking for a houseboat to live in than it's probably a good idea to put in a little extra cash. You are going to want all the amenities a house has, so you can live comfortably. If you just want something that isn't so permanent, than you can stick to a smaller budget.

When you are ready to get started on looking at houseboats or building a houseboat, it's a good idea to get to know all of the different designs that are out there. This will help you choose what would work best for you and it will save you a ton of time.

Here is a small list of the basic houseboats:

Planing Houseboat: this houseboat has enough power to get up to high speeds and get up on plane.

Trailerable Houseboat: this houseboat is great for someone who just wants a weekend getaway. They can be towed by a small truck and are easy to move around.

Barge Houseboat: the barge-style houseboat is one of the most common. It has plenty of storage space and is pretty comfortable with five to eight people on board.

Full Hull Houseboat: this is extremely popular in the United States. It is one of the widest houseboats and is very stable.

Floating Home Houseboat: these houseboats are great if you have a tight budget and just want something simple.

A few other basic houseboat designs include the Luxury Houseboat, Displacement Houseboat, and the Catamaran Houseboat. All of these models are great to look at if you aren't sure what you would like.

Other factors to think about when building a houseboat are engines, types of materials to build with, and the design for the outside and inside of your houseboat. Gasoline is the probably the best option when you are looking at engines. Diesel fuel can also be used, but is pretty expensive. When thinking about designs for the outside of your boat, there are many options: catwalks, flybridge, paint, etc. It can end up being stressful to figure out all of your needs and wants.

Luckily, there are plenty of free houseboat design plans that you can get of the internet to help you out. These design plans will add all of the basic things you need and let you customize the way you want to. Your houseboat design can become reality in little to no time.

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